Why it's essential you travel : How travel & Tourism boost Global Economics


Why It's Essential You Travel : How Travel & Tourism Boost Global Economics

February 15, 2017
by Sebastian Lang

Where does the greatest industry growth lie?


When we think of travel, images of vacations and leisure come to mind. But today, travel and tourism has emerged as one of the major industries of the world and generator of jobs. The economic, social and cultural effects that stem from the tourism & hospitality industry are essential for some cities in the world to simply get by.

In some cases, travel and tourism boost whole economies such as holiday destinations like Cancun, Mexico where the whole region depends on it. Tourism jobs include airlines, hotels, travel agencies, booking companies, tour operators and dining. Whilst Miami also thrives on trade, tourism is also a main economic growth contributor. What continues to drive growth is the increased purchasing power of its Latin American visitors from Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia that have established themselves in Miami as major visitors and  investors, and as a result increasingly as residents.

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