Meet our newest hotel friends!


Meet Our Newest Hotel Friends!

December 1, 2016
by Sebastian Lang

We cannot express our excitement that this year we had the privilege to be of service to some of the best hotel brand names in the world. As the new year approaches we want to thank all those who have allowed us at Lang & Schwander to be the best we can be. The design and quality demands of our clients have certainly posed challenges yet it has driven us to be more and the results have been incredible.

We are also very grateful for the opportunities we have been given to collaborate with some of the top designers like Sagrada, AvroKO, Hirsch Bedner & Associates, Hinojosa Design and our very own in-house designer, Melida Williams. Their skills are inspiring and their passion is second to none.

The end of year will take us back to Switzerland where L&S has it’s originating roots. Here are pictures of two projects we have had the pleasure to be working on.

From all of us at L&S, best wishes for the holidays and may the New Year bring you all the very best.

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