Lang & Schwander at the Top Hotel Projects World Tour 2016


Lang & Schwander At The Top Hotel Projects World Tour 2016

September 30, 2016
by Sebastian Lang


The Top Hotel Projects World Tour came to Miami last month and we are thrilled to have participated. The goal of the THP World Tour is to bring together industry experts to share information about the changing landscape of Hospitality Design and the developments taking place in this area.

Marcus Schwander from Lang & Schwander was happy to share some insight on the current trends in interior design for hotels, particularly from the perspective of a custom manufacturer. Generally the landscape is changing, and cities like Miami are particularly involved in such trends. It is particularly interesting to observe how rooms and common areas are being redesigned, how materials and colors are being revamped, and how the local & cultural identity of a city are increasingly influencing the design of new hotels coming in.

The event was held at EAST Hotel, one of Miami’s newest additions, and a property we had the opportunity to create custom chairs for. EAST, Miami is a new brand of “lifestyle” hotels out of Hong Kong, and a perfect example of how a hotel can incorporate local influences into their design choices.

Enjoy some photos from the event!

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